Organic Cosmetic

Pure Liquid Soap of Marseille Glycerin 750ml

Pure Liquid Soap of Marseille Glycerin 750ml

5,100.00 AMD

  • Made with 95% of ingredients of natural origin. The remaining 5% ensures product sensitivity and its good preservation
  • Soap base of vegetable origin
  • Perfume from the Grasse region
  • Naturally glycerinated
  • Free of animal material
  • Recyclable bottle
  • Green on Yuka
  • Made in France

Find all the know-how and authenticity of Le Petit Olivier in this Pure Liquid Soap of Marseille. Manufactured according to the know-how of master soap makers, it is naturally glycerine based and gently cleanses the skin. Its old-fashioned fragrance, from the Grasse region, takes you back to the heart of your childhood.




Le Petit Olivier